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Choose from multlple programs ranging from block-based coding, text-based coding, advanced game development to AI

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Personalized coding courses for kids

Live Online Courses

  • Junior (6+)
  • Beginner (8+)
  • Core (9+)
  • Alpha (9+)

Scratch Prime

(Age 6+)

Learn the basics of the wonderful programming tool scratch to know how to create games, and make apps and models using it.

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Scratch Master

(Age 6+)

Learn interesting facts and skills of Scratch in a fun and engaging way from our house of experts. Enroll today!

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Scratch Advanced

(Age 6+)

Love coding? Enroll today to take your coding skills up by a notch or two. Each guide and demonstration is specially designed for kids

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Scratch Programming

36 Classes
An ideal course to help kids quickly grasp the basics of coding and start writing code using blocks.

1-on-1 and 60 mins sessions

USD 25Per Class
  • Introduction to scratch
  • Block-based Programming
  • Game Development
  • Events, Coordinates
  • Conditionals, Functions
  • Loops, Sequences
  • Sprites and animation

CoffeeScript Programming

24 Classes
Develop a deeper understanding of advanced programming concepts and advance your coding skills through this introductory course on CoffeeScript

1-on-1 and 60 mins sessions

USD 25Per Class
  • Introduction to CoffeeScript
  • Sequential Programming
  • Debugging & Indentation
  • Loops, Variables & Functions
  • Conditional Programming
  • Logical Operators
  • User Events

Python Programming

96 Classes
Explore complex object-oriented programming concepts, create games and animations, and learn about data visualization in this perfect Python introductory course.

1-on-1 and 60 mins sessions

USD 25Per Class
  • Introduction to Python
  • Loops, Methods & Sequences
  • Control Flow
  • Object-oriented Programming
  • Sorting Algorithms
  • Game development (Pygame)
  • Data visualization & Plotting

JavaScript Programming

24 Classes
This course covers the fundamentals and object oriented programming in JavaScript including data types, methods, JSON, along with DOM manipulation in the browser.

1-on-1 and 60 mins sessions

USD 25Per Class
  • Introduction & Fundamentals
  • Data types & methods
  • JSON & Object Destructuring
  • OOPs
  • Promises & Error handling
  • Browser & DOM Manipulation
  • Learn User Events
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Learn coding in private 1-on-1 classes

Our 1-on-1 classes are suitable for kids who want a fully personalized and effective learning experience

USD 25Per Class
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  • Class Duration: 60 mins
  • Class Type: Individual
  • Class Schedule: Flexible
  • Learning Mode: With Teacher
  • Pace of Learning: Personalized
  • Activities: With Teacher
  • Assessment: Individual
  • Collaboration: With Teacher
  • Interaction: With Teacher
  • Collaboration: With Teacher

Not Sure Which Course Is Right for Your Child?

Talk to our enrollment counsellors to figure out what would be the appropriate option for your child.

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Live online classes,
One-on-one option

We offer live online classes for all our courses with multiple time slots available for each course. You can pick the day of week and time slots per your convenience. These classes are held on one-on-one basis so that the teacher can provide necessary attention to your kids. Class recordings are also available.

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Why kids should learn to code

Coding skills help open up the colourful world of science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) to kids in a way that challenges and inspires their young minds. It encourages critical thinking, logical reasoning, problem solving, creativity and in turn, helps to bring out a child’s inner scientist.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should kids learn to code?

Learning coding is a great way to develop team building and communication skills among kids as it would empower them to properly navigate social environments, collaborate with others apart from performing well in academics.  Join Wizert’s personalized coding program to nourish your kid’s cognitive abilities.

How do I teach coding to my child?

Does coding help holistic development of the children?

When is the ideal age for the children to start coding?

Are there any games to teach coding to kids?

What are the best online coding courses for kids?

What coding is good for kids?